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Are You Committed To Improving Your Golf Game?

Discover how we have helped golfers lower their handicaps by an average of 5 strokes in 2018.

Hi, I’m Darren Game

I’ve been coaching, junior, amateur, inclusive and elite golfers for over 26 years. In that time, I’ve helped 1000’s of golfers improve all aspects of their game, from quirky, inconsistent swings, to vicious slices and wicked hooks, from dodgy putting to frustrated golfers.  I have literally helped golfers turn bogies into birdies.

“Who am I, Am I worth your time, your attention and can I help you improve your game?”

The Highlights

  • PGA Golf Professional for 27 years.
  • National award winner for making golf inclusive to everyone.
  • I’ve coached everyone from complete beginner to professional.
  • I’ve created the only dedicated indoor coaching centre for a 30 mile radius from Bourne.
  • It has taken 10 years to develop and refine my signature program, The …… (more on that soon)

Join the committed golfers just like you who are
lowering their handicaps with The Golf 19 Programme

No more scratching your head – Why do I hit a perfect shot then with the same swing next time, I get a completely different result? – the golf ball only does what you tell it to do. The first stage of improving your game is to see and understand your golf swing and you have constant access to your files to view the improvement in your swing technique.

You swing the same with your driver as you do your seven iron! Fact! If you can not hit your driver straight at the moment, then your iron play can be improved even more! We are yet to see anyone who has different swings for the driver and the iron, they are the same!

No more bashing balls on the range, thinking you are improving your game. You only get one chance at shot on the course, so we believe you should practice in the same way. Simulation is used in every aspect of sport and life nowadays, yet it is okay to hit 100 seven irons and think you are improving? Your level of play on the course is decided by the score, let’s do the same in practice?

No more quick fixes. A quick fix and tip at golf is just like stubbing your big toe on a chair leg! There is immense pain to start with; then it eases and vanishes. How long will the next fix and tip give you enjoyment before it too weans and vanishes into thin air?

The Golf 19 programme is the backbone behind the improving golfers around you,

and now it’s available to everyone.

So if you experiencing any of these …

Hitting those wicked slices?
Prefer finding the bunkers than the greens with your approaches?
Fed up of lagging the eight footers?
Wish you could accept that invite for a game of golf with the boss? With confidence!
Worry about shooting lower than you think you should?
Wondering why you strike the ball great on the range, yet can’t play the same on the course?

… you’re not alone, but you can change things.

The secret to success with Bourne Golf Centre

There’s coaching and then there’s the coaching at Bourne Golf Centre!

The difference is that there is more to playing great golf than just how you swing the golf club. Here we work on all the five elements of golf with you, in your personal development plan (not just the golf swing like others). The five elements being as follows …


or the pre-shot routine


or the swing and ball flight


or how you finish the shot


or the rest of the time


or the rest of the week

Improving your golf game is much more than just improving your golf swing. So here at Bourne Golf Centre, when we improve a golfing technique we also look at how to groove a pre-shot routine, learn how to finish each shot and switch off completely in-between shots, just like the stars of the professional ranks. Then you need to consider the in between rounds and how you practice your golf and we will help you with this also. To become the best golfer you, all of these five aspects are important to you.

Ready to hit the golf ball consistently and know where it is going?

Book your FREE swing analysis & performance assessment now and understand your golf game and how we can help you achieve your goals.


Genius! Trying not to get ahead of myself, been on the range just now & put it this way. I am looking forward to Troon!

Iain H

Handicap 14

Morning Darren, hope you are well. Can’t believe it’s been a month since I last emailed you.

Well, the last comp of the year happened yesterday. It was meant to be a few weeks earlier but due to bad weather it was cancelled.

Despite not having played or practised for 3 weeks, I made sure I went out positive and I had your last email in my head. I was determined to shoot low. I told my wife all Friday night and Saturday morning I was going to “shoot low”.

As expected I was very rusty for the first 6 holes or so, but I kept my concentration and managed to not drop a shot. Long story short, I ended up shooting 71. So although not a 69, it was still a 1 under par round, with a birdie on 18 to finish the season perfectly.

All being well (card signed, css not moving), I should be down to 1.3!!! What a season. Out of 17 rounds of golf in 2018, only 1 round (the 1st one) was above my handicap. Crazy really.

I can’t thank you enough for your help. I’ve approached the game completely differently since speaking to you and it’s allowed me to play free. I always knew if I could free my mind then my golfing ability could shine through.

I’m going to have a rest from it now, but come January I would like to start things back up again please. This is usually when I start seeing my swing coach, so makes perfect sense to start the mind sessions as well.

Rich M

Handicap 1


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